Start Your Adoption Plan

Did you know that you can create a custom adoption plan for your baby or child?

learn about modern adoptionIt’s true! With a Lifetime Adoption, you make the choices to build a personalized adoption for your child, and we help you every step of the way. Some of the choices you can make are:

Picking the Parents: There are waiting adoptive parents of all races in every state who are ready to adopt. They have had thorough background checks and are excited to become parents through adoption. They have different interests, talents, and educations, so let your coordinator know what you are interested in and she can direct you to specific waiting families.

Get to Know the Parents You Choose: You can email, talk to, text with, and even meet the adoptive parents before making your final decision. You can even get to know more than one family if you like.

Ongoing Contact: You can choose the type of contact you would like after the adoption. This can be photos, phone calls, email, text, social media connections, and even visits! This contact lets you stay in touch with the parents and your child. If you would prefer no contact, that is your choice too. (Contact may be especially important to you if considering adoption for an older child!)

How Things Happen at the Hospital: You can see and hold your baby, order your own photos, and even name your baby! You choose who is with you in the delivery room and when to leave the hospital.

Help with Pregnancy-Related Expenses: If choosing adoption for your baby causes you financial challenges, you may be eligible to have some of those costs offset (if your state allows). In addition, we can assist with free counseling, maternity clothes, and more.

learn about modern adoptionYour Plans for the Future: You can be proud that you gave your baby life and made the best choices for his or her future, and can move forward confidently pursuing your own plans for the future. We can even provide referrals for college scholarship programs!

It takes courage to be honest with yourself and ask for help. Lifetime’s caring coordinators understand that and are here to help you learn more about adoption for your baby or child. They can answer your questions and send you free information to learn more about adoption for your specific situation. Everything you share with us is private and confidential, and if you choose to receive information in the mail, it will even arrive in a plain, unmarked envelope.

If you are ready to learn more, there are two ways to take the next step…

You can call or text us at 1-800-923-6784 and speak with a coordinator. She will ask you questions and gather information to send you information by email or mail about specific families open to adopting your baby or child.


You can select the option below and begin to complete our online questionnaire. A Lifetime coordinator will get in touch with you soon after we receive it to discuss how you would like to learn more.

At any time, you can browse the current Waiting Adoptive Families on our website. Some have videos on their site too! Looking at waiting families often helps expectant mothers see that adoptive parents are loving and ready to embrace you and your child.


Free Adoption Planning Kit

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Contact us now and we will send you our unplanned pregnancy kit free of charge in an unmarked envelope. It includes the best-selling book So I Was Thinking About Adoption.


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